Aplikasi untuk pembuatan grafik

30 Nov 2011

Download EViews 6

Download EViews 6 : 

Instalasi : 
1. buka (extract) file .rar yg telah didownload.
2. instal setup.exe nya (AutoRun)
3. Isi Lisensi nya dengan : demo
4. Instal Patch nya
5. Copy Crack nya dari folder crack ke folder tempat instalan EViews komputer anda – paste(replace)OK
6. Buat Shortcut ke desktop anda setelah mengcopy-paste crack tadi.
7. Jalankan program dari Desktop Shorcut yg telah anda buat.


1 Okt 2011

Hidden File Tool

Small tool and portable to search (very fast) not only hidden files/folder, but also the other attribute, includes system-archive-read only. Plus easy change/set the file/folder attributes. Useful when your files/folders was hidden by virus (mallware), trojan etc.Key Features :

  • Small size (only about 27 KB 43 KB ) and also portable
  • Search files/folder with Attributes hidden, system, read only or archive. You can use combination of them
  • Custom filter. You can search all files ( default with *;*.* ) or specific file types, for example : *.exe;*.dll;*.pif
  • Easily delete files from list
  • Easily change the attributes of selected files/folder
  • Custom directory search
  • Highlight result for some file extensions

To set/change the attributes, just select files/folders from the list ( you can select more than one using key combination Shift+click or Ctrl+click). Then from the Set Attributes options, check or uncheck to set the attributes. After that, just click APPLY.
Supported Operating System : Windows 9x,2000,XP,Vista and Windows 7
Download (size 43 KB): http://www.ziddu.com/downloadlink/16529513/HiddenFileTool.zip

26 Sep 2011

Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Cool Edit Pro is a program that you can use for recording, mixing, editing and adding special effects.
It is of great help when you want to work with digital audio like a professional producer.
It is a home recording system that allows you to edit files with a capacity of up to 2GB.
If you want to produce digital audio, Cool Edit Pro is an essential tool to have in your computer.
With Cool Edit Pro you can mix up to a maximum of 128 tracks.
You also have the option of editing individual audio files.  
By Deni saputra

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